Joey Soplantila module software & patch maker

Joey Soplantila – Tweaker & user for Line 6 Firehawk multi processor and Line 6 Spider III. Also for the Digitech RP14 with spectrum analyzer to create a new assemble frequency.

At this moment Joey Soplantila is making a new creations by new presets on the those products. Tweaking new sound and frequency for Ibanez guitars (RG models, with HSH elements en HSS elements electronics).

One of the issues is there is a difference between making technical tweaking a preset sound or frequency for home use or outside (podium, theatre or live). This is because there is a different signal when using this in difference spaces such like acoustics of a room, electronics, magnetic or electronic fields and also while playing with frequency shifting keys.

If you want to download the patches, modules and presets of Joey Soplantila?
Please search on the Remote Firehawk App under username:

Username: JOEY S.
This are the section of patches and modules what is allready tested on FRFR, End-speaker and P.A. installation systems.

This are the section of patches, presets and modules what is in progress. But not tested as FRFR yet.

30 Fret guitar

If you looking this picture, you will see 4 guitars. But did you noticed that red guitar in the middle (white plate) has 30 frets? Well you don’t see often a guitar with 30 frets. So this guitar is a special guitar Ibanez RG550XH RSP. If you looking closer, you can see that the elements is a single coil and a Humbucker. But in this case it has a new feature on it. It is with new technology of a H-S-S configuration by chip.

Black Beauty

On this picture you will find on the right corner a black beauty guitar. This is the Ibanez RG440P. This model is only made in 1987 in Japan. With a H-S-S configuration. But the Humbucker is made by a split coil (pushbutton). The Floyd Rose is also on-build (instead of in-build). The in-build came later by 540/550 series.

Customize guitar

I’ve changed this guitar by customizing a new Floyd Rose tremelo (whammybar) into a Single Lock Tremelo (SLT). Just likt the old school Ibanez guitars such like the DX versions of the RG models. Normally RG guitars are using Double Lock Tremelo. But by customizing this to the SLT, the action is lower for more speed.

Segovia Stratocaster

Segovia Stratocaster

It’s a very odd guitar! I knew Segovia guitars are normally acoustic guitars. But this one was new for me. I can’t see any infomation on the internet about this guitar. But I think it has to be end 80’s or early 90’s model. This guitar is a S-S-H configuration with 5-way switch. The sound is very smooth and thick. Nice for blues, funk, pop sound. The tremelo is a kind for remiliar like a Kahler system tremelo.

”The best way to stimulate your mind? Just improvise things, brainstorm with yourself! Without creation there is no fantasy.”

The best way to improve yourself is playing with other musicians. You can practising a song for hundred times. And there will be progression! But better way is to improve yourself such like jamming (jamsessions). Why? When you playing jamsessions, the musicians have to listen to eachother very close. If you don’t listen to eachother, there will be chaos.

While jamming with other musicians, you have to speak the same language. The musicians are also known to do ‘questioning & answering’. Give each musician the oppertunity to improve. Every musician has to follow this person by speed, chords & playing). It is better to take care of eachother, so every partition to improvise is a learning moment for everyone. If you improvise a lot while playing? It is better for your mind to create something new and going further by growing by talent.

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